How To Replace A Broken Laptop Screen

How to replace a broken laptop screen?

A broken laptop screen can make your laptop useless and inoperative. As a result you will not be able to do your work on it properly even if it has some cracks or some blown pixels. You can repair your broken laptop screen very easily as you need some simple tools and some technical knowhow about it. And of course a replacement LCD screen. You’ll need to figure out if it is worth repairing your laptop screen. Below mentioned four steps will help you out to replace your cracked laptop screen:

fix broken laptop screen

Remove the Screen Bezel:

First disconnect the power supply and then remove the battery of the laptop. After that, try to find the bezel which is around your laptop screen. Once you find the bezel then it will be easier to access the screws. These screws actually hold your laptop LCD panel and they need to be removed. In many laptops you will see several rubber cushions which hide the screws. In that case you will first remove the cushions and after that the holding screws. When the screws are removed you will pop loose one of the bottom corners of your laptop with the help of thin metal blade.

Remove the Broken/ Cracked LCD Panel:

Now when the LCD’s mounting brackets are uncovered you can detach the screws that secure your screen to the lid. After this let your broken LCD set on the case and then you can start removing its cables. Some laptops have two cables while the others have one cable and it depends upon the model. LCD’s with fluorescent backlights usually have 2 cables especially if your laptop was manufactured before 2010. Now a day many laptops have LED backlit LCD which often has 1 cable. When you have successfully detached the broken LCD then you will need to know the model number of your LCD. You will find this model number on the manufacturer’s label. When you find this try to note it down and by using this information buy an exact match for your cracked LCD.

Install New LCD Panel:

The next step is the installation of new LCD screen. Now unpack the LCD panel and before installing the new LCD panel’ make sure that it matches the old screen. You can judge this by checking the connectors, mounting brackets and especially all the dimensions. Now you are in position to install the screen. First connect the new LCD to the cable and after doing this, position the screen in the lid. When finishing with this try to secure it with appropriate screws.

Reinstall the Bezel:

The fourth step is to test the new LCD panel and then reinstalling the bezel. For testing the new LCD panel you are required to reconnect the battery and then power cable so that you will be in a position to start your laptop. After doing this if you find that the display is working properly then reattach the bezel and other screws and cushions which you have removed earlier. Now when you are done with all this, your repair is complete.

Further steps for repairing a broken laptop screen